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Boerne Brand

Boerne Brand Original Jalapeño Texas Style Hot Sauce, 8 oz. Bottle

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Fresh Green Jalapenos are served on most Tex-Mex and BBQ plates, so why not make a hot sauce out of green jalapenos and capture a Texas essence?

The Original Jalapeno -small batch was first crafted and launched. It was designed to offer the zesty flavor of a jalapeno, with a quick and mild heat level and an integrative quality that can compliment any dish.

This selection is light enough to be a favorite condiment over some of your favorite go-to meals or used as an additive for recipes like: jalapeno cornbread, deviled eggs, marinated chicken or poured in a mixed margarita!

The Original Jalapeño is gentle enough for the new comers of the hot sauce world and flavorful enough for the long time hot sauce lovers!


Have fun with this one & tag us @boernebrand showing us all the ways you love to use Boerne Brand!