Meet Our Owner



Catherine Myers

CEO & Owner of Boerne Brand Texas Style Hot Sauce


Hard work, a Team effort and a Whole lot of peppers!!!


Those were the three main ingredients that launched, and continue to advance Boerne Brand.

Boerne Brand was founded in a collaborative effort and included partnering with chefs, a food scientist and a manufacturer.

When you’re born and raised in Texas, you sure know what heat is and you tend to stand the heat, even while in the kitchen!!

Texas is known for offering a wide variety of Tex-Mex and BBQ cuisines. Jalapeños are often an added feature on many dishes, complimenting many menu items. Noticing that there were only a current handful of hot sauces available on the tables that complimented food and didn’t overpower it, we decided to create a hot sauce that would be made specifically to offer a complex flavor profile, that enhanced food and offered a medium level of heat, sourced from fresh jalapeños.

In sourcing fresh jalapeños, we were able to create our own mash, essentially making our hot sauce from scratch. We elected to ferment our peppers in the process. This traditional technique ages the jalapeños and allows for an introduction to a dynamic flavor profile. 

Boerne Brand was designed to be used on the table and in the kitchen. It can be poured as a condiment by adding it to your favorite foods or used as an ingredient while cooking a recipe. Boerne Brand is an all-inclusive hot sauce that can integrate with food and not overpower or take away from foods we create.

Catherine Myers, CEO & Owner, is a native Houstonian and has a background in marketing and psychology. She co-founded Boerne Brand and set out to help create a true Texas Style Hot Sauce that you now recognize as Boerne Brand. She has developed relationships with the BBQ community, particularly in Houston, TX, and also throughout Texas, that has been beneficial in launching this product. She is most passionate about the uniqueness of Boerne Brand and what it has to offer. She is most excited about people’s initial reactions when they first try Boerne Brand and seeing how quickly it becomes a must-have in the kitchen.