Meet Our Owner



Catherine Martinez-Myers

CEO & Owner of Boerne Brand Texas Style Hot Sauce


Being Passionate is an Artful way of Being Determined. 

My story is simple, but the journey here comes with hard work, perseverance and the will to do more. 

While studying for a masters in psychology, my family and friends tasted jalapeño batches time and time again... for months. We wanted to make sure it had the flavor we were looking for and the right amount of heat. We also reached out to chefs and food scientists as consultants to ensure quality. 

This first started as a project, then grew into an idea, then led to a plan. We initiated manufacturing roots in Boerne, TX and that's where the brand name was born. We named it Boerne Brand Texas Style Hot Sauce. We now have co-packers in Texas and our office is in Tomball, TX. We are a proud Texas based product with flavors that represent all things Texas. 

This hot sauce journey allows for my family and friends to come together and be part of something good and present flavor to friends from all over the country. 

I'm a runner by nature and a certain level of pace, adrenaline and heat is necessary for me to thrive. Becoming part of the hot sauce culture has become a natural fit and we're here to serve you.

We hope you enjoy this well crafted line up! 


Catherine is a native Houstonian and has a background in marketing and psychology. She co-founded Boerne Brand and set out to help create a true Texas Style Hot Sauce that you now recognize as Boerne Brand. She has developed relationships with the BBQ community, particularly in Houston, TX, and also throughout Texas, that has been beneficial in launching this product. She is most passionate about the uniqueness of Boerne Brand and what it has to offer. She is most excited about people’s initial reactions when they first try Boerne Brand and seeing how quickly it becomes a must-have in the kitchen.