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Boerne Brand

The Smokin' Red 12 pack case, 8 oz. bottles

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The Smokin' Red, continues with the Boerne Brand tradition, combining elements of smoke, heat and flavor.

Savor the dynamic blend by pairing it with any dish; particularly, tacos, burgers, chicken, and beef. Try it in your next recipe or even as a condiment and we think you'll understand why they call us "Best in the Land." 

The Smokin' Red has it going on!

Let this one offer you a layered blend that delivers robust smokey notes and a level of heat you look for when pouring it over something so delicious like BBQ! 

A little goes a long way when mixing it in a Bloody Mary! Pour, Mix & Sip and take in all the flavors!

Have fun with this one & tag us @boernebrand showing us all the ways you love to use Boerne Brand!